About the Photographer

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My name is Chukwualuka Oguejiofor Samuel. A professional photographer born in Lagos state, Nigeria. I moved to the United States in 2015 to study and attempt to kick off my career in photography. I started learning photography with a point and shoot camera and my passion increased when I bought my first dslr camera and decided to turn it into a career. I spent so much of my time watching tutorials and learning the camera controls to better my skills in order to achieve the results I hoped for.

I graduated from Augusta International School (High School) back in Nigeria and now attend Northern State University in South Dakota where I Major in Graphic design and Minor in Management Information System. I hope to become a Fashion Photographer someday but for now I try not to limit myself so I am into every kind of category and tend to try something new.

I am a really nice and playful person, I enjoy making people laugh so a shoot with me is pretty fun because I tend to make my clients feel very relaxed.

"In front of my Lens, Everything is a Beauty."